Who We Work With

Who we work with

Charity Investors

Charities with more than £2m to invest can take advantage of our segregated fund management service. Alternatively the Charity Value and Income Fund is ideally suited for smaller charities with significant income needs.

Private Investors

OLIM’s investment approach can deliver both income and long-term capital growth to meet client needs.

Who we work with

Wealth Managers

We offer a range of different investment options to suit different types of clients.

Who we work with

Institutional Investors

OLIM has a long history of delivering performance and service to both Charities and Pension Funds.

About Us

OLIM is a specialist investment manager. Our portfolios vary from pure UK equity to multi-asset mandates. We offer segregated portfolios as well as a unit trust and also manage a common investment fund for charities. All portfolios are managed by one investment team using our distinctive value-oriented investment process. OLIM has been delivering impressive investment returns and a superior client service for over 30 years.

Client Mix

  • Charities
  • Funds
  • High Net Worth

The OLIM Charity Conference

The OLIM Charity Conference attracted around 100 Trustees from a wide variety of charities and the feedback on the whole event was very positive. If you would like to be included on the invitation list for the next event please contact victoria.scott@olim.co.uk

Charity OLIM Conference

The rules of value investing

Simon Jaffé, Director and portfolio manager at OLIM, argues that the rules of value investing have changed with three new factors for investors to consider in addition to the classic principles of Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett.

Evolution Investing

Integrity in investment management

Angela Lascelles, co-founder and portfolio manager at OLIM, reflects on changes in the investment industry since she began her career in 1968, and the importance of trust to success.