OLIM has a long history of delivering performance and service to both Charities and Pension Funds. We work closely with you to meet your needs by taking into account such things as your timescale for investment and any income requirements. Our distinctive investment process has an impressive track record in delivering performance.

Segregated Portfolios

Segregated Portfolios

Charities and pension funds with more than £2m to invest can take advantage of our segregated fund management service. We provide two alternatives. The first option is a total fund management mandate under which clients outsource all of their investment needs to OLIM. We work with you to define an appropriate asset allocation mix as well as managing individual holdings. The second option is specialist investment management under which clients appoint OLIM to manage a portion of their assets. Clients choosing this option normally ask for a dedicated UK equity portfolio to gain maximum exposure to our expertise in this area. All segregated clients receive written reports at quarterly intervals. We will also meet you regularly to discuss the progress of your fund and future investment policy. The annual management charge for segregated portfolios is 0.5%.

Charity Value and Income Fund

Charity Value & Income Fund

This is our common investment fund aimed at smaller charities. As one of our higher yielding portfolios, the Charity Value and Income Fund is ideally suited to charities with significant income needs. The portfolio focuses on investing in UK equities with a target yield 33% higher than the FTSE All Share Index. The annual management charge is 0.5%. Investments can be made in the fund through either income or accumulation units. Further details can be found in the scheme particulars and quarterly reports.

For more details see our How to Invest page.

OLIM Ltd is a fully owned subsidiary of Albion Ventures LLP

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Please be aware, the value of investments can fall as well as rise and that past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results and you could get back less than invested.